Nrt writer and streamed sound

hi guys,
i know this was dicussed at some point but i couldn’t find a real solution so far.
when i save something with the writer to jpg’s this ain’t realtime.
when i use a soundfile to make my shapes respond the timing is always off when i put the jpgs together as a movie afterwards. this only works fine when i save with 50x150 pixels or so…which of course in many cases ain’t the size i’d like to shoot for.
is there a way to capture high res with sound within vvvv so the timeing stays right ?
this is a huge problem since all my nice realtime animations would like to become avi’s & .mov’s with sound of course.

please…vvvv’s…make my day

How about using sequenced node to “record” the values from the audio file, or the control values going to you patch, then rendering from that?
Only think is I dont know whether it restarts from the beginning when set to play, Id put in a count in somehow so you can sync it back up.
Sequencer is a powerful node, just wish you could see the data, or save it, or manipulate it!
Or record to a external recorder!


wish the sequencer would have a pause/play pin…

has anyone a litte help patch on how to use the sequenzer with fft data and the writer node?
cheers mizi

heya…i think the sequenzer is quite mighty…yet i don’t understand how to tell it >my song starts now…my song ends now<
any help ?
dank wes

For start stop I’ve always used a button! Play from start???
Maybe create a visual count in? so you can see when it plays back where the start/end is? Some extra control pins would be great!
For using with the FFT, Id put it where you take your control messages from, it records all slices, I dont know how much memeory it has, it seems to be quite a bit, but 256slices of fft, might be quite a lot! so I’d try and limit it to the values you need!

i would at first record the fft data in a spread and write it into a text file on the disk. be sure to “capture” the data at the framerate you want to record with later. i.e. set the mainloop to 25fps for example.
then you have one set of values for each frame and you can read the same file back in anytime you want, using one line for each frame …

Blimey, didnt think about that! Cool!

hi guys…can anyone come up with a little help patch please ?
how do i record the fft data into a textfile?
thanks wes

Interesting discussion, but being a video absolute newbie I’d like to take it one other level lower. I have tried recording the output of a patch with camtasia, but the outcome is a constant hiccup movie.

How can I record the renderer with smoothly moving quads, triangles, images, etc.? The above solution that you discuss results in a massive pile of jpg’s? How can you turn those into a movie?

that’s 2 questions, I know. The first one is the most important, I guess: what do i use to smoothly record the renderer output?

hi guys, here is a little help from a friend…

hope this helps to render some synced sound & image stuff to disk.
moege mayhem mit euch sein!
cheers jannis

sequencer_jannis.v4p (32.3 kB)

thanks jannis!
works for me…i would also like to understand enos approach, writing the data into a textfile and reading that back in…

can anyone patch this ?
love mizi

here …
this is how i thought it.
dont mind. quick n dirty …

valueStorage.v4p (24.4 kB)