Notuiv: Z values need first click to work properly

hi all, hi @microdee

I generate multiple rectangle prototypes with random XY coordinates. When they spawn they are already arranged in some Z order, but after the first click they reorder. After that everything works as expected.
I tried to spawn them with different Z positions, but then the prototypes don’t work.

I tried to use Mousestates to simulate the click, but it does not work when I feed it into notuiv.


you can just feed in touches as 4D vectors, it would get you the same results as the mouse. Note: turn on depthbuffer in the renderer and I highly recommend putting an Ortho projection even for 2D stuff. Also for debugging you can use InstanceInfo -> “Local Display Transformation” (hidden in inspector, end of the node) -> Split it with ElementTransformation node and see if Z is acting up there.

Where exactly would I feed in those transforms?
Right now I switch the touchstates input of context(notui) to a touchstate(system join) and send a new touch.
It works but happy if there is a cleaner way :)

for element prototypes you have the Display Transform pin, for Context you have View/Projection/Aspect Ratio transform just like with renderers. For custom touches you have Aux Touches XYFId (XY, Fource, Id)


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