Not working some texture filers, why?

yea ati always suck on that… u shud try with dx11 glow, there is more debug nodes on dx11. also i heard some rumors that dx9 going to be realy slow on new hardware…

yeah it is very weird…
found some stupid mistake in twirl module, but not sure it was causing that problem

try these debug patches, if any of that works
anyways, i do not have that kind of hardware at hand to test, maybe would be easier if you catch me on skype and arrange some screen sharing (18.8 kB)

Hello, unc!
I tested, and works propertly! But i do not quite understand how to install filters. I put them in a folder:
But they were not seen.
But when I opened a file from a folder, it could be seen the result.

Сan not see the result of the filter and also

ah tha explain, u shud read about crack.exe and alt-r open up root patch
nodes and paths