Noob spread help

hi all - great software!

i’m having a little difficulty working spreads out, and wondered if any of the vvvveterans can help me out.

Basically i have a spread of lines using the line(GDI) module.

I want to change the colour of each line using another spread, but whenever i connect my spreaded HSL node to the lines colour input it only chooses the first colour.

What am i doing wrong?


i’ve realised now that the line(gdi) appears to output a single gdi object with its spread of points and therefore perhaps can only be a single colour.

In that case, what is the most efficient way to draw a spread of seperate lines, whilst having another spread control their colours?

sorry for the basic questions :(

line gdi is not spreadable if i’m not mistaken…but why not use a proper ex9 renderer and the equivalent line node…

see patch

coloredLines.v4p (10.2 kB)

Yes this helps, i was just checking that i wasnt overlooking something with the gdi version. thankyou so much