[Noob] New to vvvv from processing; Q on Glitch Art


Sorry in advanced if this isn’t the right place to ask this question.

I’m new to vvvv, only followed some basic tutorials. In the past i’ve worked with processing for visuals and max/msp for jitter and sound, but now i want to use vvvv!

I’m looking to see if anyone has any patches (nodes?) or a place to start for creating ‘glitched’ images/media through vvvv.

Examples here :




hey welcome.

I made you a introduction patch that shows you quickly the important things.

have fun!

glitchnoob introduction.v4p (19.8 kB)

too much fun, :P
nope, easy, is just too much effects, but I find this nice, at least fun.

glitchnoob introduction 2.v4p (32.7 kB)

also girlpower has something related:

Thank you everyone!! This is awesome :)