Noob alert.... multiscreen?

Hi guys,

im new to vvvv, and have been trawling the module section of the site to try and find the one which allows you to spread output across many monitors/projectors etc. (which im told exists?)

im an abstract installation designer, (used to using processing) and planning a four screened installation. (projected)

would i need networked machines for this,a server? or can i make it happen with one pc?

i would appreciate any feedback… and i promise when im a pro ill b kind to all newcomers after me! lol

hi Killagram, love the name BTW. Multiscreen(xxx) node is your friend (don’t know if this is in the Add-on Pack). Create it and select it and press F1. You then need to get some multi-display output action from you mc and it easy from there onwards.

Thanx nitro… feel a bit stupid for not finding that! lol

now all i have to do is learn how to use it properly! lol

p.s. what does ‘mc’ stand for?


hey no worries.

‘feel a bit stupid for not finding that! lol’

Amusing I agree.

mc = machine (not officially, lazy posting)

Multiscreen easy easy to use if you know the basics well.

Good luck.