Non Symmetrical OSC visualization in Vaudio

As @tonfilm mentioned in a public conversation on FB this could be described more as an additional feature for VAudio rather than an issue or a bug which would reset “properly” the Oscillators.

So what I was expecting to see (as in most vector synthesis examples) was a circle instead of an ellipsoid shape, which by chance it may be some times (randomly) a perfect circle, so dont be missleaded if it works fine the first time you will open it.

Here is a patch demonstrating the issue

non_symmetrical_sinewaves.v4p (6.5 KB)

in synths, usually OSCs are free running and independent. what you are looking for is more one OSC with a sawtooth wave that you can use as global phase to apply to different functions, e.g. Cos and Sin in order to make a circle driven by the phase. so what you would need is a waveshaper with theses functions as option.

there is already a wave shaper, should be easy to add that there.

I am not sure that I am understanding what you say about the Sawtooth wave as for the waveshaper I think that the point is to use the OSC without re-formatting them. Can you please provide an example for these use cases ?
Thanks in advance!

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