Nokia lumia, windows phone and vvvv

I wonder if anyone here familiar or had experience with windows phone devices, e.g. Nokia Lumia or something.
Would be great if you share couple words with us.

What do you need to know? ))

@vux a lot of))
1/ is there something like tuiopad or touch osc for windows phone?
2/ if they have chrome based browsers?
3/ are there other ways how windows phone can speak with pc?

I’m reading and exploring now. But do not ready to buy lumia only for tests.
And it looks like windows phone is really limited.
Am I wrong?

1/Not really so far, however something in the making ))
2/No you have Internet explorer (but latest version is actually pretty sweet, nothing to envy to other phone browsers)
3/You can use udp/tcp like any other phone and can code bits in c# or c++ no problem.

About fact it’s limited it’s not that much, few bits are bit annoying (at least for marketplace apps, for standalone it’s no issue). Got a lumia and really happy with it.

If you want to get more tech details feel free :)

thanks man

Just wanted to point out that there is a very basic OSC Controller for windowsphone. Its a very light version of TouchOSC kind of.

This will keep me from using an old android device for this…


i happen to know the coder of the app mentioned by @gegenlicht. right now he’s working on a windows 8 metro app for the same thing with an editor. if you’re interested i can make contact with him.