Noisy Looping Circle

Today I sat down to finally understand simplex noise loops and how to use them to create looping generative animations - and a few hours later I ended up transferring this classic tutorial for Processing and Touch Designer to vvvv :D

2022-03-24 16-49-41_6

LoopingNoisyCircle.vl (46.6 KB)

With a grid of 120*120 points I already dont reach 60 fps anymore, so this morning I already asked the vvvvorum how to instance QuadRenderers in Stride (might be working to display 2D circles with a WithinCommonSpace node, right?). Or maybe somebody has an idea how to patch this in Fuse or a completely different approach?

Looking forward to some ideas how to patch the graphics differently and more performant!


Here’s an instanced version for Stride!

LoopingNoisyCircleInstanced.vl (50.1 KB)