Nodes dragged in from Explorer spawn in vvvv root

Didn’t notice this until recently …
When dragging modules from explorer into vvvv their patch pops up, but they aren’t embedded within the targeted patch and can be found in the vvvv root instead. Same applies for shaders and plugins.
Doesn’t happen all the time, on a second attempt it seems to always work as expected.

if I’m not mistaken I also witnessed this once for creating a subpatch with ctrl+shift+p. Seems like the hidden vvvv root temporarily gets focus or whatever?

If I can narrow this down to something, will let you know.
Until further notice, consider this an observation only I wanted to share, maybe others got this as well (I think woei did…?).


edit: ah, uh. running in 33.7 x64 … in which I never got this before. also, there’s no window-node in the patch I’ve been working on, in which this happened lately.

you are not alone

I have experienced this forsome time now… or at least I dragdropped nodes in a patch and their patch windows came up but the node wasn’t in the patch. I just ctrl+w the module/subpatch that I dragged in and do it again and then it works as expected.

@narrow down
this happes when your last click in vvvv was not in the canvas of the target patch