Nodes and paths still not working?

hey guys,

im still unable to get contributions to show up in the nodebrowser, i have to manually copy the contributions in which is a pain. can anyone help? my root file looks like this:

using antokhio’s great deferred shadows contrib,

ive put the contents into the referenced vvvvContributions/effects/ folder…

no joy! :(

any help is appreciated!

That will work fine for DX9 shaders. DX11 shaders have their own special folders. check \packs\dx11\nodes to see.

Basically in your folder add as needed:


If you have one of these shaders wrapped in a module you can still put the module in the ‘module’ folder though.

and remove the “packs” from the iobox! this folder is already automatically added. in the iobox only add custom paths.

Ah, great! Thanks guys. This all makes sense now. :)