there is subpatch myRenderer.v4p, which necessary in many others patch. file placed in folder vvvv\packs\myRenderer.v4p, but NodeBrowser does not see myRenderer.v4p as subpatch. it is necessary that this patch was visible in NodeBrowser, for all (!) patchs. what do it is correct?


Plenty of useful answers here.

two problems here:

  • this is not a valid place for a module. for personal modules best follow the instructions under Using Contributions
  • the module is not named correctly to be identified by the NodeBrowser as a reusable module. see naming conventions

Installing your own addons

  • Create a folder “contributions” with subfolder “effects, modules, plugins”;
  • Add your contributions in those respective directories (the module must be named correctly [_(EX9)] to be identified by the NodeBrowser);
  • Open the root patch “Show Root” from Main Menu [Alt+R];
  • Add path to a folder for contributions “…\contributions”;

MyEffect (EX9.Effect) help.v4p
myPatchName (EX9).v4p

in Russian

Установка собственных дополнений (вкладов)

  • Создать папку «contributions» с подпапками «effects, modules, plugins»;
  • Добавить свои файлы в соответствующие каталоги (модуль должен прописываться корректно [_(EX9)], чтобы он появился в NodeBrowser);
  • Открыть корневой патч «Show Root» из меню Main [Alt+R];
  • Добавить путь к папке дополнений “…\contributions”;

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