Nodebrowser will not show package, when typing full name of a node in a package

If I search for ifft in a new patch, it shows the option of adding VL.Audio if I have typed “iff” but if I have the whole node name “ifft” it does not show up.

Screenshot 2024-06-20 140401

I guess it’s because the package has aiff among its tags, so it’s not actually matching the IFFT node but just this aiff tag.

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But shouldn’t it show the node, when you type the name of the node?

I don’t think the node browser shows nodes of packages you have not referenced yet.

In the case of the Skia Renderer node for instance, it’s because the VL.Skia package actually has a renderer tag.

It does, check the first screenshot, there it shows that VL.Audio have a node that matches “iff”

Maybe I’m missing something there but where in your first screenshot do you see that there’s a node that matches that?

All I can see is that the node browser suggests you to reference VL.Audio, but again as far as I know this is just because this package has an aiff tag that happens to match the iff query you’re typing.

What’s confusing is that the tooltip does not show all the tags, though if you look on the nuget page you can see there’s indeed an aiff tag. I believe this is why the node browser is showing you this package.

hmm, you are probably right, but I do think that I have previously begun typing the name of a node and the node browser suggest the package that contains the node I need.

that’s the way it is. aha.