Node13 business talks

Dear free and brave visitors of the NODE13 festival

Please note, Node festival has no official business section, isn’t it?
There is no any official golf club, there is no cigar room.
So we have to talk about things in a Kunstvereins cafe, or in Starbucks next after the corner, or directly at the workshops.
Please do not hesitate to do so. Probably, I’m the very best of russians you only can meet there ;)

Andrey Boyarintsev - - company will be written on my pass
Please feel free to e-mail me or contact me on Skype before or during Node
There is no business section at Node - nobody going to bring a cup of coffee to us, but we are ourselves.

PS In Saint Petersburg we do not use whale-oil as well as do not use child labor to develop our products.
PPS We are strongly NOT interested in the type of business, as shown in this video:

I’m in )… no text …