Node for ultraVNC

i have see this post :

and i repeat the question : is it possible to create a node for ultraVNC client ?
because a frame grabber is about 1000€…


nothing really new here - it is possible for us to write a native vvvv vnc node and there is some work done - but i dont like to speculate about a release date here.

so for now - to get something running soon - you could:
(1) try the dualscreen approach
(2) see if the flashvnc runs in the flashrenderer
(3) see if the default java viewer on port 5900 shows up in the html renderer
(4) write a freeframe plug in c++ containing a vnc client. drop the dll onto vvvv and voila.
(5) write a wdm driver in c++ to have vnc connections appear as a video input. (you might like to beg us to let additional inputs for mouse and keyboard commands show up)

& tell us your result.

Hi guys,

I’ve tried flashvnc in flashRenderer and it works but there’s a lot of actionscript error message before the remote PC screen is displayed.