Node for checking for large fluctuations in value but not small ones?

Im just wondering if there is a node that allows you detect changes for a certain range?

ie i want to use a change node after RMS, but ofcourse RMS values change slightly even when there is no apparent change in volume.

so is there a node that will detect changes of a certain magnetude but ignore very small ones?


you could use a “= (Value)” connect the RMS output directly to one of its inputs. Between the other input of the = and the RMS output you put a “framedelay (animation)”. Then play with the epsilon-value of the =. use the inverse output of the = to determine whether the values have changed.
Haven´t tried this but it should work.


sounds like you are looking for beat detection.

To make Bjoern sugestion work, you should first use a queue (framecount of 2), so you can compare 2 values, and than detect if the difference is in (or out) you range. Might also wanne take a look at Hysteris.

thank for the replies,

bjoerns solution seems to work fine with the framedelay! :)


the combination of Damper (Animation) and = (Value) would be more tweakable

you can use acceleration and velocity pins of the damper to get more information about the changes of the curve.

value changes.v4p (16.5 kB)