Node font readability issues at 1920x1080 96dpi

I’ve seen this problem crop up from time to time on the forums. Wondered if there were solutions of any kind available to help my eyes.

I’m Running the latest version of VVVV on a new machine [gtx680m card](gtx680m card) - native resolution is 1920x1080 17’ and display fonts set to the VVVV preferred size of 96 dpi. However the fonts on the nodes are so small that some of the characters are very hard to read compared with my old set up of 1920x1200 17’ 96 dpi. See attached images.

The only way I can view the font at a good size (ie similar to my old 1920x1200) is by setting the the dpi to 104. Looks great until i try to patch and then the pins are hotspots appear outside of the actual pins, sometime around 5 pixels to the left. It seems the GUI cannot run properly when the the dpi is not set to 100% or 125% (which is way to big)

Anyone else have this problem on a 1920x1080 resolution? Any solutions?


Here’s a link to the screengrab:


hola phooz,
you may try any dpi-value that devides 1440 to a whole number, like: 96, 120,…

Thanks Joreg,

Yes I see what you mean by whole number divisors. 96 is much preferred just the ‘e’ and ‘a’ characters get quite messed up as you can see on the grab. Can’t see why 1920x1080 res would cause this to happen. There must be others out there running VVVV at this resolution - is everybody doing chunky patchwork at 120dpi i wonder?

running 1920x1080 myself with 96dpi and no such troubles so i couldn’t tell. definitely 1920x1080 and 1920x1200 at 96dpi should look the same.