Node Factory and FDS

As I wrote in the Element:
"About Node Factory, I realized that the introduced Nodes are basically instances of one Object and consequently I can’t assign to each one of them Unique IDs. So, having multiple nodes deriving from the same description have the same attributes?
How to anticipate this? "

I bumped up on this cause I was trying to implement an FDS algorithm in an effort to rebuild a custom node tree. So, in the comparison process (pushing and popping objects into and from a stack) I found out that the Factory nodes were identical.

How I can have different IDs basically or to differentiate the objects in a way that they will be always unique?

You seem to generate the GUID at design time or when the node definition is created/requested. Ensure the GUID is created when the node application/instance is created. So think about design time, where you build the blueprints of the nodes. and then the runtime when the factory actually produces new nodes and each node can have different values, like products in a factory can be produces different colors, sizes, etc. from the same blueprint.

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@tonfilm I understand the Concept but I can’t really see where I shall implement this.
I have a Description which is being called once per file
This Description belongs to a Node which encapsulates a Custom Class.
I supposed that each time I am calling a Node in my node browser a new Custom class should be created. But its not.
This is confusing me.
I can’t see how is it possible for me to assign a GUID in the NodeDescription since this is called once when it is being constructed.

Additionally, if my Description does not have my Custom Class equipped then I can’t have an Output pin of that type carrying the appropritatre information.

What am I getting wrong here ?

Ok, I think I fixed that (having my Object being constructed in the proper place) but now how to update Pins… gosh.

Ok, don’t bother I just ignored the Update function… yeah.