Node-browser not showing certain nodes in server-mode

I’m using vvvv 34.2 x64 in a boygroup. The node browser won’t show certain nodes, like TimerFlop, FileStream(VLC), Filestream(Boygroup), when in server-mode. If I open vvvv without /server everything works fine. Also, those missing nodes appear and work in saved patches when opened in server mode. It’s really just the node browser that’s unable to see them anymore. And it’s always those same nodes missing, even after reinstalling vvvv.

hei tidens, that sounds really odd and i cannot reproduce it here. what i do:

  • start vvvv beta34.2 x64 + sutitable addonpack with /server commandline option
  • in empty unsaved patch i double click to bring up the nodebrowser
  • i type “timer” and and see the Timerflop plugin

what are your exact steps to reproduce?
have you tried with beta35?
have you unzipped core and addons with 7-zip?

I just found out that this error wasn’t due to the /server option after all… It’s because of /r. Starting the patch with /o instead solves the problem. Is this by design? Not quite sure I understand what /r does…

ouright, that makes sense then. explains the difference between /o and /r. let me know if this explains it to you.

Ah so that’s how it is. Without this root patch with NodeList + standard node paths in it, the nodebrowser isn’t aware of the addonpack. Thanks for your help!

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