Nodal compositing Conduit Live / Ultimatte Chroma

Hi everyone,

I just downloaded and started to play with vvvv, AWESOME!!!.

I don’t know where to start but I would like to use vvvv to mimic the chroma quality of conduit live and ultimatte.

Please check how to nodal compositing in conduit live:

That is exactly what I want to do but with patches.

Can I make it work with my machine?
Windows Vista Biz 64bit
Nvidia GTX 285
Quad Core i7 920 / OC’d 3.6Ghz
6GB Ram

Suggestions please?.

Thanks Catweasel for your patches, they are self explanatory.

TIA for any help.


perhaps try -BG+Key.fx
you find it at User Shaders
scroll far, far down… (22.03.07)

there are some other approaches around.

Thanks Dieter, I will check that one.