No VideoIn on beta19.1

argh…after a long time waiting to buy that big beautifull powerfull tower for doing seriously some vvvv next year, i just open a patch and founded that VVVV doesnt show any cam in

nor DV cam
nor usb cam

i m under xp home Sp3
with a Radeon HD4850 and something called Combined Community Codec Pack 2008-09-21, something I supposed linked to HD capabilities ?

main problem is that all software i have on this brand new machine are working fine, either with dv recognition than usb cam.

DirectX 9.0c from november is installed
and Dot Net 2.0 also.

Damned… what am i missing ?

edit: made a test with 40.17 same trouble…

I m in a deep need, guys !

add tty renderer

add videoIn node and videoOut node and connect them.

see what the tty renderer spits out.

thanks U7angel!

drivers were not all ok with SP3 !
tty works great and thats was a first time to use it that make understand TTY far good !

like kalle says, i owe you a beer ;-)

ey karistouf,

regarding you contributions i think you don’t owe any beers to anyone :)

eh eh ! it will be a real pleasure to sit and drink one with anybody around !

damned ! those wiki tools are horibbily complex but seems powerfull !! one day perhaps ?

Have probs with drivers too. Alternative drivers for philips7130 solved it.