No video being displayed

I’m hoping this is a simple question with a simple fix…

I’ve opened up the EX9.Texture VMR9 YUVMixingMode help file and am just trying to play a sample video with it onto a quad. But no matter what video file I load my output is a black screen.

I can play the files in any number of video players and the correct codecs seems to be installed. Also AVI Parser displays the correct information about the video in vvvv.

Has anyone encountered this problem or no what might be causing it?

maybe the quad color is set to black…
if not it could be easier to help if you’d attach your patch.


Here is the patch I’ve been using to try and get video working… like i said it’s basically just the help patch. AVI Parser shows the correct information but nothing plays.

test.v4p (17.4 kB)

Figured this out after digging a bit more and trying some stuff out. Seems that everything but this works in vmware. Now running boot camp. Thanks for the help though.

your patch runs fine here. perhaps the Renderer (TTY) can tell you some secrets.