No Pins at Kinect 2 Nodes

Hi guys,

amazing software. So since I wanted to try around, I would like to connect my Kinect 2 Camera. I downloaded the newest vvvv x64, installed Addonpacks in the folder, added vvvv-dx11-beta33x-update into packs folder, downloaded the updated nodes from the Kinect2 node comments. I don’t know how to rebuild it or what that is so I couldn’t do that.

I started vvvv ad an administrator and pressed ALT-R, then rightclicked one of the folder slots to add contributions from my desktop, with plugins and the kinect2 files inside. I save (didn’t work without being administrator) the root and create a new patch. I will save it on my desktop later too.

I can add the Kinect2 Node and also get the lights of the hardware on if I put enable on 1. If I press alt-r again, the stuff I saw in the Root before is gone, there is only a node for my patch.

The Depth Node or all other Kinect Nodes have no Pins though. Also, which Renderer would be the right one?

How can I correct this problem? Thanks a lot!

that part doesn’t sound right. that stuff should of course still be there. it is vital for collecting the contributions.

so when you try again make sure that after saving the root to hit ALT+3 (that hides the current patch but does not close it).

and if saving the root without starting vvvv as admin does not work you probably have vvvv installed in a directory where you need admin rights to write?!

the right renderer to use will be Renderer (DX11) or Preview (DX11.Texture) to just preview a texture.

Thanks for the fast response!
I moved the vvvv folders out of c: \program files to desktop and now the root saves correctly. Anyway, the plugin nodes have been showing up before so that part should be working. The depth plugin unfortunately is still without pins for me to connect.

does any other kinect v2 software work with your device on that same PC?