No brainer? i have no brain

after too little sleep i can’t figure this out - i think it’s very simple - just my brain is boggled

i am outputting values on three pins from Timeliner - i would like to merge these values into one I/O box and this to send the 3 values to a GetSpread

so like

value x pin 1 value y pin 2 value z pin 3
| | |

I/O Box (3 rows)

output (3) to GetSpread

i think i’m missing something between the three output pins and the I/O Box

Can anyone help? Many thanks :-) ss

vector3D join or cons with 3 inputs (inspektor) or vector spreads join with 3 inputs set via inspektor. so many ways ;)

vector (3d join)

thanks guys - u7angel u ARE an angel! :-)