Nice new VL_PointEditor doesn't want to load my saved points

hi - I want a panda bear

I tried the new PointEditor 2d and 3d in vvvv_50alpha34.106_x64
I wanted to save my points - It wrote something in the save.xml but it couldn’t load it
I think there is something missing in the help patch
I wanted to have a look in VL to find the error but I’m realy noob (Deserializer, FromSerialPoint - WHAT?)

do I found a Panda Latte or is it a feature ;)

definitely the kind of things we’re looking for. this should not be broken at this stage. danks!

Hi CeeYaa,

the Editors are fixed in the latest Alphas.
Would you please check them?

Here is a short explanation about VL and WHAT: the points we’re juggling in the Editors have more info than necessary for saving/loading them, that’s why a new (smaller) object SerialPoint is created before saving the points. After loading the points we need to create our internal points FromSerialPoint(s). Serializer/Deserializer (Json) converts an object into a string which can be easily saved/loaded to/from a simple textfile.


hola robotanton

thank you for the short explanation

checked with the new alphaVersion
I can load now my points with nice new VL_PointEditor


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