NIA neural impulse actuator HID device

hi all,
recently i buyed a device called NIA (neural impulse actuator):
basically it is a sensor capable to track the brainwaves and some other thing like muscular tension of the face and the ocular activity. Anyway, here there is a video explaining it:
Well, the nia software take this brain activities values and transform it in keystrokes or mouseclicks using some thresholds and other things. This is very useful for fast integration in applications (like in games) but in this way the raw data is lost.
So, after a little bit searching in their forum and around, i discovered that nia is an hid device (so, like a joistick, for example).
Now, i’m triyng to read the data from the device with vvvv, with hid device node. The nia is ppresent in the hid devices available, but i don’t know how to extract what i need.
i founded this post, and i hope a solution is around it, but icannot understand how. anyone has some ideas?

thx all ;))

this is the post:

try check lastest GlovePIE might thay already fixed it =]

glovepie was a good idea. I installed it (used a bit in the past for wii connection, before we have our ovvvvn plugin), but seems to be not able to see the data of nia (it support emotiv, anotbether device similar to this, probably ter but much expensive). So i still have my problem for now, any other hint?
thx ;)

Have you tried with Puredata? I am pretty sure it can retrieve the raw data.

what exactly is the problem? have you looked at ?
now, if your HID is nice, those instructions will let you do all you want - see eg.
but, for many devices (and i can imagine this being one of them), the manufacturer does not want to give the correct interface description… in this case, some hacking is required. i have a tutorial in the works ;)
but for now, have a look at usbsnoop

hi io and dep, i tried puredata, but wihout succes.I downloaded and installed the sniffer too, but seems to not work on win 7 x64.
But now i’m trying the sniffer approach, with other sniffers…
let you know, and thx ;)
anyway i think is as dep said: the manufacturer does not want to give the correct interface description…will see