NFC for ever lasting support VLFuse

Just because it came up in #VL.Fuse on element and noone else seems to be foolish enough to start this thread, let’s just get going here and now.

I had this vision of minting a dozen or so NFTs of the various incredible results made with beta Fuse, and help the project team this way as well. Almost anything that was screenshotted to the chat would be bound to make waves on e.g. OpenSea, just have a look at the level of generative art over there, and compare.

Now, I know, this is a contested topic, so just let’s get started to forge the hot iron.


Thanks for starting this topic.
I have been minting NTFs since mid August on Ethereum. Now moving to Cardano.
I would like to know if anybody was interested to join the forces and create an NFT community. Any blockchain, no drama. Just a creative community sharing vvvv patches (gamma, fuse, audio etc). We could agree a % royalty for FUSE devs.

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I’m not up to date on the #CleanNFT debate, but I heard that hicetnunc is currently half way accepted by environmentally conscience artists.

Royalties for the fuse team sounds like a great idea, I’d support anything that puts money into the pockets of artists and people who share their work freely. But how would that be organized?

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hic et nunc (H=N) in my opinion is great for both NFT quality/community and environmental concerns.
It looks 1 NFT=1 tweet in terms of carbon foortprint, source. As far as I know, H=N does not allow to create collective collections feeded by multiple creators.
So, if minting on H=N, an idea could be setting up a closed group of creators somewhere else and the administrators of this group could own the digital wallet. These guys will be trusted to share the profits and shares of the sold NFTs with creators/devvvvs. Just ideas on how it could work, please share yours.

An easier way to work in community can be achieved with Opensea that already allows to create easily multiple creators collections. But that’s Ethereum blockchain, quite saturated, polluted and polluting. Or maybe are there any progresses ongoing? Please share your knowledge about Ethereum updates.

I am personally waiting for a Cardano based NFT marketplace because, for what I have read so far Cardano is ok and will behave responsibly in terms of environment and security. Slow development but great advancement technology. Is that true? You have to tell me that, I am not an expert at all, nor a programmer of any language, so please tell me why Cardano is a no-no stay-away.
Regarding the integrity of Cardano CEO and other blockchains gossips, not interested in that, I have been using Microsoft Windows for 20 years, so I am already equally corrupted.