Newbie with a specific question about VVVV's capabilities

my jaw is on the floor. it works if i do the umbilical cord disco-recon.

fullscreen (alt+enter) causes the renderer to turn msgui-gray.

but this is a tremendous help, who are you? fantastic.

glad it’s working.

the file underwent miniscule changes:
seek now updates constantly -
this prevents the video from
heading to the most unrequested
frame once when the direction changes.
didn’t that irritate you?

to prevent legal charges against me,
i also added an optional ‘stay healthy’

the world is a better place now.

i am not kraig kenning.

what could be some reasons that the video only seems to render about 1 in 10 times i load this patch?

if it works once, why doesnt it work every time? i’m cycling through the following voodoo dance: load-patch, reload hello.avi, alt+enter (get gray), disconnect and reconnect things, get some video, hit alt+enter (get gray), close vvvv, restart patch, focus video window (get black), etc.

the patch worked for me once or twice, and now i am hooked, and believe that with debugging, this can do exactly what i need.

i just need it to work the same way every time, but right now the results are unpredictable and erratic over here. is that just the nature of vvvv or should it be possible to tweak the patch from my end until it runs the same way each time i run it?

if it takes voodoo to run, can’t i just put a module that does the voodoo for me? (disconnecting and reconnecting all the nodes automatically)

whats the codec of the video? also read faq codecs.

i’m using the example Partikel went above and beyond to create, using his video snippet, both posted above.

i built switches to turn certain connections on and off, but video renders rarely and unpredictably. has anyone tried the small example above?

its really great by the way.

i’m done bumping this thread, i consider this thread solved. now its time to learn about making video behave in a predictable way.

Thanks for all the replies!

This might be useful… it’s a patch specifically for scratching video (don’t mess with the record pin though)

gsengine.v4p (29.2 kB)

did you set the Fullscreen Dimensions of the Renderer? Use Inspektor to change that settings.

poor cat! did she say “miau miaumiaumiaumiau” (damn vvvv)

alt+enter is still not working here, even after changing the fullscreen settings. could this relate to my video card?

any other ideas why alt+enter (fullscreen) doesn’t work for vvvv? resolution numbers match.

(i’m wrong here)

what video card do you have?
do you have the latest drivers?