Newbie with a specific question about VVVV's capabilities


I want to display a video in full screen, looping.

Frame by frame, using only the mousewheel.

is vvvv for me?

Edit: the solution works for me as long as the video is rendered at screen resolution and converted to MJPEG. Didnt work with indeo or wmv. Thanks again.

you can do this with a midi device

thanks for the reply.

vvvv doesnt see the mousewheel i guess?

i need a wheel-style input device. do i need an arduino or something?

The first thing that comes to my mind is that PureData should recognize the wheel since it has full HID support. You may then send the data to vvvv which can handle the video.
But I wouldn t be surprised if vvvv had wheel support.

hey josh,

instead of feeding my cat,
i made something for you.
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how_i_like_to_watch_my_videos.v4p (20.1 kB)

scnr ;)

Like partikel showed, the Mouse (System Global) does have support for the mouse wheel, just to point this out okay.

That cat has been feed enough indeed. :D

but Mouse (System Global) updates it’s wheel output only if focus is an a Renderer.

Hmzz… all the other pins update outside a renderer, so I think that this behaviour is a bug rather than a feature.

hi west !
and right button mouse sometimes show strange behaviours… until a devvv look at it closely, use only mouse with left click ! ;-)

never had problems with the right button. maybe its your hardware.

hum… so logitech may furnish bad hardware. thanks for the tip kalle.

hum… so logitech may furnish bad hardware. thanks for the tip kalle.

i always found the logitech driver default mapping for the mousewheel not suitable for my use. had to set it to autoscroll if i remember correctly. other than that logitech mice are fine with vvvv from my experience…

its nice to see all the helpful replies, but i haven’t been able to start vvvv for the first time yet.

this is the error i’m getting:

@jush: sorry for the ugly error message. you are missing .net3.5 SP1 then.

hey Partikel,

thanks for making that patch that i assume uses the mouse wheel to advance frames. it really was a stunningly beautiful gesture, and it is very appreciated.

what video format worked for you? i tried avi(mjpeg), mpeg, and others and video doesnt seem to work. just looks scrambled or black. no movement by the way.

how should a new “install” of vvvv be configured so that your patch will function?

I’ve got just about every codec installed on my computer, as well as dx9 and .net 3.5

this looks very promising by the way.

thanks for all the fast replies.

My video is encoded at 720p resolution. I’ve had the best luck with Indeo video codec as described here…

thanks for the codec faq link.

how is it possible to select the decoder for video in vvvv?

it appears to me that vvvv does not automatically detect the proper decoder for video, and this could explain why i’m not getting video yet.

i literally just heard about this program the other day, and so far, it looks really good and i would really like to use it. its really nice there are video tutorials.


the attached video should work.
codec is indeo5 incidentally.

it may look black and scrambled
in the beginning, just like a
new-born kitten. but as you start
stroking things will turn out great.

you may also try to disconnect and
reconnect the connection between the
filestream and the video texture, also
known as the naval cord - but this may
be preposterous voodoo.

if everything fails, befriend a dog.

hello.rar (2.6 MB)