Newbie wants to know on how to make vvv recognize a person using webcam(s)

I’m trying to workout a little installation in vvvv, that should allow that through a webcam a person is recognized when running through the picture.
I want it to play a sound as soon as that happens…

well, my knowledge in vvvv so far is only veeery basic, and maybe someone here got a clue on how to help me? I"m a bit under timepressure actually which is also why I’m directly asking!

What should come out when I’m further is an orientation system for blind people, if I ever get that far :)

Would be awesome hot if someone had an Idea,

vvvv comes with DetectObject.dll which uses a “training file”

see its helpfile.

a person running through the picture may be difficult though.

further recommended reeading:

at the bottom of this page is a link to some trainging files that can track people.
maby just use the face tracking and extapolate from knowing where the face is.
if you are going to track fast motion use a high fps webcam
this on is fast i think but read about it first

Thanks for the help guys! Plugin works cool - now how do I manage that it would play a certain sound instead of/or additional to showing the rectangle? Help appreciated,


try these nodes.

Count (Value)