Newbie needs some help on Video Sync

Hi all. First time here so be gentle. I’ve stumbled upon VVVV while researching synchronised video playback. I’m staging a local (non-commercial) screening of the 1927 Abel Gance silent epic film, Napoleon. For those of you unfamilier with the film, it has a final section filmed in an early version of Cinerama, which needs to be shown on 3 screens, with 3 projectors etc, all synchronised. I know there are large scale commercial solutions for this, but with no budget (and an insatiable appetite for new techie solutions), I’ve been on the lookout for stuff like VVVV.

So first question, is VVVV a suitable tool for the job? I’ve seen stuff about on here about video walls etc. which would suggest so.

I’ve started to read up various bits of the site, but I’m not seeing basic stuff, like hardware/os requirements. I have little experience other than Windows.

What I probably need is a bit of hand holding to get me through the early stages.

If the answers to my questions are already out there somewhere, please feel free to redirect me.


hi and welcome,

did you read this page?

the nodes all come with help patches: create one of the nodes, select it and press F1 to see a usage example.

in addition to the help patches, there are also example patches in the girlpower/video folder.
in order to play back mp4 files you need to install a codec pack, for example K-Lite.

I had done. But I hadn’t seen this one which is answering some questions…

The answer is encode to dds, make an aiff or wav from your soundtrack, broadcast your audio position on net with zeromq or udp… this would work with ssd on your pc’s