Newbie missing files issues

Hello everybody,
I have downloaded vvvv for the first time but I have become extremely confused with various things. I am constantly getting various errors, saying that different .fx files are missing.

I will quickly describe what I have done, please tell me if I am missing something:

  • downloaded + installed latest drivers from nvidia
  • downloaded vvvv 64bit (latest version) + extracted to desktop
  • ran setup file. All fine, except the DirectShow option is unclickable.
  • downloaded addonpack for 64bit , extracted the folder “addonpack” to the vvvv directory.
  • downloaded DX11 for 64bit.
  • extracted it so that in the vvvv directory, next to girlpower, addonpack, etc there is a folder packs(/dx11/core,factories etc).

Now to reproduce the error:
lets say i go to the folder vvvv\packs\dx11\girlpower\sm5\tesselation\Box_Sphere.
when i open it, the node “Box_Sphere” is red, and on hover i get the message:
“Box_Sphere (DX11.Effect) is missing. Box_Sphere.fx” [id 126](id 126). The .fx is there though.
Basically all files have this sort of problem, in some way or another.

can anybody help me understand all this?
thanks in advance

hm…have you followed the advice of unzipping everything with 7-zip?

wow… that was the issue.
I remember seeing that instruction somewhere, but I didnt think that was so important at the time.

thanks alot!