Newb with simple GetSlice problem

hi again,

please don’t laugh when u see what i am struggling with in my patch. it seems i have a black hole in the logical part of my brain and that 4 weeks before i have to finish my diploma.

simply want to select and output a specific slice(string) when i push a specific toggle button.

please have a look in my huge patch ;-) (4 nodes).
hope i can challenge you with something more complicated in future times.

thanks. your great people.

i_am_an_idiot.v4p (4.1 kB)


Select (String) should be what you are looking for.


select_string.v4p (4.2 kB)

yes thank you so much.

that’s the evidence i have a hole in my brain. thought its gonna be 5 or maybe 6 nodes but didnt expect that i simply choosed the wrong one.


for me it really took long to notice the Select-nodes, which are somehow basic and incredible versatile.
Asking Questions and getting help, that’s exactly the purpose of the vvvvorums.


Yes, the select has many unknown powers…

Feel free to ask for help, many ways to Rome, and we all learn.

I attached a way to get only the last changed selection (and not all of them as it is now).

last_select_string.v4p (9.8 kB)


one more … “mein Haus, mein Auto, mein Boot…”

sometimes make_radiobutton(value) is useful during patching

Markus (2.7 kB)

thanx for so many replies for my simple problem and especially being so friendly and patient. i know some forums you need to be careful what to say or ask and how you do. sometimes people get very offending.

often i just get stuck with such “easy things” or only don’t know a node so u were very helpful everytime and that in “light speed”.

by the way it’s for my diploma project i asked you for help. based on johnny lee’s idea ( with the wiimote and infrared. i just extended his idea with one more wiimote that i use from a different angle so i can do a kind of 3d tracking. i also show some examples for applications you can use that for (e.g. dynamic 3d picture slide show and so on)

maybe i can post my (hope so) finished project here soon.

that was a bit off topic i know, but just wanted to say thank you and keep you informed what your efforts are for. keep goin like that!

I have another question about this issue…
If I want to use the “space” key on my keyboard to toggle above 4 items, how should I do? I’m also a idiot too, ;P


something like this?

space.v4p (4.9 kB)

Thanks…but…well…I need to use space key to change different 4 files, so I can switch different files when each times I press space key.

is this useful?

space_switcher.v4p (8.5 kB)

YES!!! This one is what I want!!!
SO COOL!!! Thanks a lot!! you really help me a lot ;)))))