Newb questin. how do i use a module?

So I opened the FFT module and I see all the values I want goign where they should, BassOut, LoMidOut, etc.

Then I import it as a module. the FFT module shows like “||| FFT” so I can’t interface to it like a subpatch.

I don’t understand how I get the values out of the module. Can anyone shed some light on me?

blank || without in out pins are due to path that is not set. the module cant be goudned.
surely you may “Open in patch” and search for the module you want.

by the way, fft is a node and all you have to is to doubleclick, type FFT and it will be listed… selected it and thats ok.

Right I follow that but for example. If I open the FFT node, I only get 2 outputs, one for left channel, one for right channel. If you open “FFT (DShow9 4Channels).v4p”, it has mid, lo, hi outputs.

If I include that as a module in my patch, can I use those values? Or is the BassOut, LoMidOut, etc stuff not accessible?

What I mean is do I need to just recreate all the nodes of (DShow9 4Channels) in my own patch or is there a way I can just include it and get the output from those nodes into my own patch?

FFT4 channels is a module ( aka a subpatch considered as a node).
so you need to include it inside of your patch to have the 4 ranges you need.
you will learn a lot from it, as you will need at one moment to trigger the range of frequency, considering your audio support…

so you will do your own FFT4 channels modules

be sure the values you “can not access” are in IOBoxes with descriptive names.
in general you can of course access all values from subpatches/modules. for a more detailed explanation see Subpatches