New to VVVV and have seme questions about kinect data

Hello all,

I am new to vvvv but not to graphics. I am a VFX professional who works mostly in maya and a bit in Houdini.

I am working with a dj to create some graphic elements to go along with his sets. vvvv sounds like the perfect solution for this.

Right now all I want to do it take the kinect depth data (gray scale) and remap the back to white to an arbitrary color scale (like a ramp shader for those who know maya).

The next step is to modulate that color based on the music being played.

From what I have seen so far this should be rather simple, but I am just having trouble getting my head around how to manipulate texture objects in vvvv.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Hey Guest and welcome…

For starters, maybe start playing with some of the texture FX nodes to see what they do. Hit ctrl+N to make a node browser and type ‘texture filter’. This will bring up a list of them that you can drag and drop in to your patch.

they all receive and return a texture, and have other pins for tweaking- have a look with inspector (ctrl + I)

Hello guest,

If you are using MS SDK then player node will do what you wanted. As everyoneishappy mentioned texture FX nodes has some really cool effects to play around or you build your own logic to generate some reactive ramp or anything crazy you think. best!