New system: xp pro, sp 3, beta25 wont start up

hello vvvvolks.

i need your help. its spooky what is going on here.
i reinstalled windows xp professional, servicepack 3.

then i downloaded .net 3.5 sp1, as instructed in the download section. i didn’t had to install directx 9, as windows told me, since i had a newer version.

but i cannot run beta25 properly. i can install beta25, and vvvv appears in the taskbar, but nothing, neither a renderer nor a patch, shows up (it should start the one defined in args.txt). in the dialogue box which appears after i start “install”, i am asked under which user i want to install vvvv, there i uncheck “protect computer etc.”, because otherwise i get the DELMID32.dll error.

i can run earlier vvvv- versions properly. also there is no 3d studio installed.
i am administrator (in fact there is no other account)

any ideas??
thanks a lot.

Beta25 doesn’t come with Args.txt anymore, they gave that power back to the Root.

I once had an error with the unzipping, some files went wrong, so perhaps try to redownload and than extract it again, also perhaps, un-install the older vvvv’s first. Good luck…

ja, the delmid error sounds like the .zip is not unzipped correctly. delmid32.dll has to be in a subdirectory called
is that the case?

also forget the install… and just start vvvv.exe via rightclick Run as Administrator. the install is gone again for betas>25 (it was not a good idea).


i copied the vvvv folder from my laptop, where everything runs properly, to the machine i set up recently, but with no success. also the delmid32.dll lies in the \bin folder.

but another question:

beta23 works properly, and also beta21. it seems that everything >= beta24 doens’t work here. could it be that there is something wrong with my directX or .Net?

directx diagnostic tool says that i have DirectX 9.0c (4.09.0000.0904) instlled.


like i told glasspiel, visit us in on ##vvvv where we can discuss this issue further.

.net 3.5 wasnt installed properly.