New system same old doubts 4x output +monitoring

we have a 4x XGA projector system, right now I am driving it with a gtx670, 2x Matrox TripleHeadDE(dual head setup), plus I connect 2x fullhd monitors.
Now as usual using Matrox is not optimal, I had troubles especially with the synchronization of the 2 outputs.
Trying to fix this there are at least a couple of options:

Which one would you prefer?


If you really need the projector-outputs to be in sync (frame lock) go for the X4. Or use a pro card like the AMD Firepro W9100 which has 6 mini-dp-ports (costly). With consumer cards you won’t get sync even with Nvidia Surround or AMD Eyefinity groups.

Hi, well, not sure about frame locking but for sure in some occasions I could see differences between the 2 outputs, especially using capture cards (datapath and blackmagic).
Generally one always had the feeling that there is a “main” output and secondary one which will slow down in case of resource hog.

Just for reference.


Its really important to have same kind of device output. mixing displayportwith hdmicauses troubles

An option is to try the visiontek, they have some consumer level boards with only DP or hdmi, to avoid firepro-quadro.

But still, I think the only BEST way to handle this is to have Quadro, with frame lock, and also use MOSAIC. What is nice with Quadro is that you can create a single output with two or more gpu. Also EDID burn is really nice…

Like 8x1 1920x1200 single output.

but $$$…

On my tests, the best option when mixing DPand hdmi, is :

-no more than four outputs, only one gpu from computer

-notuse eyefinity and have one single renderer spaned (I use setRenderer)

-use DX9 (dx11 gives me tearing)

-if you have another gpu for monitor, be sure to not have any renderer between both gpu

-and after all, if you still have artifacts, try to not look at it :P