New Soundlight DMX Device

have you tried with my little cat ?
from wich year is the new model ? withc dmx soundlight ? number 2?

i’m not sure, but in device manager, i see “SIUDI6C”. in the sunlite directory, i have DasHard.dll, not dashard2006.dll. i’m using windows 7 64bit, but the interface works in Sunlite Suite.

to add: with the Siudi Dev Kit sample program I get “Ref. SIUDI OK (ver: 115)”

thanks, i tried it, but i got “Impossible to open interface, is it PLUGGED ?” (using interface type 1).

edit: ok - i got it working (“Interface Opened”) by using dashard2006 in little cat (interface 6). but, nothing seems to be output to the actual device? when i move the dashard2006.dll into the vvvv bin\ directory (note: this should not go in the root!), i got “no interface detected: driver error” from dmx-(devices-sunlite-slesa). but, moving the dashard2006 from siudiUsb_developerkit into the bin folder did it for me! …for a while :(

then, i get strange behavior where the node shows “Firmware: 115 Serial#: 61869785: ready” when i create or re-set it, but if i enable DoSend, it changes to “no interface detected: ready”. some values that are input are still sent, however, but not all (eg. there is a dimmer in channel 1; it does not work, but a led par in channel 23 does)??? btw these work with a hand slider & an enttec, so it seems like a problem with the sunlite… :<

any ideas about this? could this be that issue that some have had with the latest driver, and is there a recommended version of dashard2006 to use? :|

hi dEP, you need to use device number 6. SIUDI 6c is the Sunlite new hardware. and it uses the 2006 dll

to be sure about your hardware, can you please make a try with my whitecat:

click on CFG MENU > DMX > select SIDUI 6C
close CFG menu window
left click a channel ( correponding to a dimmer pluged with a bulb behind, rise the wheel

by the way, the aptitude of siudi 6c to make a good DMX IN + OUT is terrific ( triple buffer inside the hardware)