New Q

i’ve started playing around with vvvv very recently and im working
on something with a camera tracking module someone gave me.
it tracks the darkest point it problem is that when tracking
movement the identification point jumps from one point to another
whilst what i need it to do is to move from one point to another.
since im working on very contrasted camera views the jumps
are not that big but i still need some code that will tell it not to
jump from one point to the next but to travel it.straight lines.

any help would do.

hi and welcome !

as i understan your question you need to filter your position data with some of the following nodes: LinearFilter, Damper, Newton, DeNiro … all in category animation. check which filter curve fits your needs …

best wishes,

hey thanks a lot
it did the job
thats exactly what i needed

4 thumbs up!!!