New project- help

I would like to start a project about projection mapping on dance choreography … I would like to have projections only on body, synchronized with body or depending on body moves and projections according to music… Any ides how to start ?

there’s 2 important steps :

the tracking setup
the kinect could be a solution but the depth range is quite limited, something like 5 meters from the device.
so on a big stage it won’t work…

another way could be the IR camera tracking technique using with silhouette contours and texture masking.
using this technique with more than one dancer and one texture per dancer
could be tricky

you need to calibrate the capture device with the projector
for this there’s some great tools made by Elliot

some info here:


some of my favourite dance/tracking project:


Klaus Obermaier docet

@karistouf did this amazing piece:

stefani are you from Cyprus?

yes I am …

Take a look here: it might be usefull.

Το κατάλαβα…επειδη ασχολούμαι με έτσι θέματα έχεις κανενα μπλογκ η σελιδα που να μπορω να ενημερωνομαι για το project?