New Phidget node seems to cause some crashes of vvvv

We are using a PhidgetInterfaceKit 8/8/8 IO board in conjunction with the new Node IO (Devices Phidget) of addonpack 45beta27-01. Unfortunately vvvv tends to crash from time to time and is unable to reconnect to the Phidget board when started up again.
The Phidget board is connected via an USB extension cord to the PC.
vvvv version: 27.2
addonpack: 45beta27.2_01

Do you have any idea to tackle this problem? Thanks.


the reconnetection problem is known issue. But havent had the time to look after.
That vvvv tends to crash is new to me. Can this be forced.

Hello phlegma,
thanks a lot for your quick reply. The Windows 7 crash information are:
Modulename: phidget21.dll
Code: c0000005
Offset: 0008da54
Do you know how to obtain crash information in detail?
Perhaps this is due to both, the known reconnection issue and the USB extension cord which uses Ethernet?