New Nvidia driver is here

Praise the Lord, latest Nvidia driver is here and after quick test it seems to be sharing textures as it should be in the first place!

Doesn’t work for me, 860M win8.1
Spout doesnt work either, Boooo!

Ok, I’ll edit that, I’ve managed to share texture in dx9, but not in dx11, and not in spout.

so, what is the solution at the moment? dx11 to dx9 and then share?

btw Spout devs need somebody from vvvv to finish dx11 version

here is a spout receiver dx11

I’m don’t know if it’s the best solution, it seems to work.

tested with Xnth (now completely free catch it on

I’ve aslo tested with Magic.

big up newemka!

OK, this is weird, I just tried dx11 sharing again, and it works…
Ah checked again, and it seems I can’t share dx11 in beta32.1
I needed to set dx9ex flag, but I though this wasn’t needed from beta32 onwards?