New Kinect: anyone try two together?

I might be doing a large installation this summer that will need multiple overlapping depth cameras. If the new K4W is available then, I would certainly consider it, as hopefully I could get away with using fewer of those.

But it dawned on me that given the different nature of the sensor, there will likely be quite different interference issues when using more than one than with the structured-light sensors. Has anyone tried pointing two of these at the same scene?

While hopefully it would be better than the original, I could see how there might be phase-based interference which could cause time varying cross-talk in the image that would be very hard to handle.

I realize testing this is made difficult since most folks only got one sensor, but has anyone gotten two together to try it?

Thanks folks!

I’m working on something similar, my second kinect hasn’t arrived but I have seen some research that would seem to indicate that it is does have some interference but it might be tolerable.
Strangely, moving a kinect makes the interference go away?

I’m sure you’ve seen this youtube vid:

Keep us posted, this could be a great thing to figure out

atm. ou can’t use two or more Kinect2 devices on the same machine, as the sdk doesn’t support it (yet).

it’s planned to be included in some future SDK, the info about this topic on the K4W forums is very limited from Microsoft…
I’ve readed a post about hardware limitations, PCIe 3 will be able to handle 3 Kinects v2, and PCIe 4 up to 7 in terms of bandwidth needed by the sensor.

On this video you can see a guy who tried 2 v2 sensors on same scene (differenc computers), even with no calibration and sync seems to work fine.

there seems to be no interference between several kinects (tested with 2 kinects on 2 computers)

as i heard, the kinect2 takes around 2 Gbit/s.
the PCIE4 specifications is not yet finished and usb3.0 also has a limit of 4 Gbit/s.

so you can likely only use 2 kinect2s on one pc.

only workaround would be to disable some unneeded streams (audio, rgb-image). but i think, such a feature has to be implemented in the firmware.