New here: help with DMX and ecue Butler

Hi All

Just found vvvv and trying it out: it’s very confusing but fun. My goal is to get a trivial connection to an E:cue Butler XT.

I’ve made a patch with an IOBOX String for the IP address, feeding a Ping showing “1” in an IOBox (value advanced), and also feeding a DMX (devices ecue Butler).

The bottom of the DMX node shows
“OK”, “Butler Microserver#1”, “” (correct IP address of Butler) and

“Searching (1)”

I also can ping the butler from Windows.

Any idea what to do next? How do I choose DMX channels and universes?

I’ll admit to being quite confused!

Any help gratefully received.


There is an old thread about the same topic.

Iam trying the same right now, so if there is some new progress would be nice to hear about it.

Also i read somewhere that vvvv’s ecue(texture) node is only capable to read patchelor files < 3.5, is it still like this?


Hi … glad I’m not alone.

I’ve read the various old threads but they’ve not helped. I don’t have any e:cue software, so don’t know about Patchelor files: know what format they are in or what they contain?


I am afraid that´s so. As already mentioned in the other thread, e:cue changed the file-format. The node uses a library also provided by e:cue which unfortunately wasn´t updated accordingly.

The e:cue software needed is called Patchelor. The files created with it are also called patches. They contain information on the used (LED) fixtures, their position, (DMX) addresses and the device(s) driving them.