New compress (dshow9) node bugs

hi just tried to use xvid and other codecs and vvvv freezed imidiatly. after reloading vvvv no codec (even microsoft video 1) worked anymore… just freezing vvvv…

i experiment further to find out which codecs work and which not for me.

also sometimes it seems that no file is created when i start the writer (dshow9). can not reproduce why sometimes it works and sometimes not, have to try out a bit more…

cheers ele

same on my machine…

unfortunately the whole writer-thing doesn’t seem to work at all in the current release.

the compress and writer (DShow9) thing was a fast developement for a special project from meso. we know that there is a lot of work before one can easily write vvvv animations with frame accuracy into an .avi to disk.
see it as a preview for what will happen in the next release.