Network Visualisation

hi vvvvans,

im pretty new to vvvv and i have a question.

is there any thread in the forum or any other refence where i can find out about building a complex network of ‘nodes’ and connections?

im trying to build a dynmaic network visualisation in wich nodes can be created, and lines / connections are being drawn to connect them.

general information on how to approach this problem is greatly appreciated.

ultimately the nodes have to display information, such as images. and the ultimate ultimate is to switch them on and off dynamically.

hoping on help,

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Hallo, I read this a few times, didn’t understand the question.

is there any thread in the forum or any other refence where i can find out about building a complex network of ‘nodes’ and connections?

In vvvv we call the ‘building’ blocks ‘nodes’ and the lines connecting the input pins and the output pins connections. A group of these that does ‘something’ is called a patch. (the files that ends with .v4p)

Wat do you mean with nodes, are you talking about vvvv nodes, or network/internet nodes/hubs?

You have to read the basic documentation, follow the tutorials and open all the ‘patches’ in girlpower, best way to learn me thinks.

If you are already past that, and I have misread the question, can you please re-formulate it?? (and I apologies)

What you describe is all possible in vvvv yes.

I think he mean to make a network data visualization patch or something like that

can you show us an example of something similar you want to do ?

I don’t remember any user who work on these things

witch type of data you want to vizualize?

perhaps, you’re looking for this kind of stuff:
bone editor

is the attached patch somehow related to what you wanna do?

network vis.v4p (19.3 kB)

i m sorry for the misuse of the term ‘node’

i do not mean vvvv nodes.
i do mean network/internet nodes/hubs.

absolutely like a network visualisation.

it should look something like this:

the sample that gregsn sent: ‘network vis.v4p’ is - i think - what i m looking for.

when i open the sketch i can see spheres and line jumping around on the screen. but there is no direct connection in between them.

i would want the objects/network-nodes to be static and their position to be definable by me.

the ‘network nodes’ being images (jpg, png) taken out of a folder.

the idea for the installation is that visitors in the installation are tracked, and then represent these nodes.
that they are becoming part of the network.

i hope this clears misunderstanding.

thank you for your help, please respond.

and sorry for my dilletantism :)

note that the upper part of the patch is only for random net generation (you might want to use another principle to generate node positions and connections).

the lower part of the patch is for node & link drawing and should demonstrate how easy it is to define a net and combine the node and link element to a visual representation of the net…

i hope it helps.

network vis-2.v4p (24.0 kB)

wow, this is totally awesome.
i m going to need some time getting behind every aspect, but this is what i was looking for.

thank you gregsn

i will respond soon

did i say AWESOME ?