Network Project Bolzano

Hello guys,

well we are doing a project about networks and their effect on society etc. We are supposed to present everything in the end of january in an exhabition. We would like to record everybody during the ticket-buying-process, in secret. Then everybody gets a ticket (a marked one maybe via rfid, not sure yet) when the visitor enters our room (round; diameter 5m; 360 degree projection via 4 beamers from outside, except the entrance) the rfid reader recognizes the visitor and the videofile is played. The projections will split up to 64 “quads” (aspect ratio remains the same first 1 vid , 4, 16, 64 ) per beamer.
How I imagined the set up:
5 computers
1 for the 360 splitting and synchronisation stuff
4 others to render the final vids.

First of all can I capture vids with v4 ?
then which format do I get? And has anybody experience with streaming 64 different vids at one moment in time from one HDD ? Is that possible ?

Well, many thanx and i am looking forward to hearing from you all


gut. here we are…lets see…

first…we cannot capture video with vvvv. damn. end of january…not sure if i can make it till then…i’ll have a look at that…but for now you’d have to chose a different program for that…mediaplayerclassic (see _Links)_comes handy for simple recording. maybe you can cotroll it from within vvvv via a SendMessage node

anybody other tools?

next…only one visitor is always in the room and is presented with only his video. did i get this right? or is it really 64 different videos? if its only one video its no problem to show it as a texture on 64 quads. the file is actually only streamed one time from the hd. streaming 64 videos is not rellay feasible i guess…

the setup sounds like you need a boygroup:
one server that gets input from the rfid-reader and selects the file to be played. 4 clients connected to the boygroupserver receive all the same 3d-world to render but only show a different camera view.

for now…does that help?

… it is 4 Beamers and each shows a different picture, up to 16/ per Beamer if that is possibile, not necessary to have 64 per Beamer, and more than one person enters the room, and they do just see the faces of the captured visitors and of course their owns.

I try the links and then we will see but we have to make it :-)


i doubt you can play back 16 videos on a computer. maybe if their resolution is really small. maybe you could somehow combine the 16 videos in one big video? that would be easier to play back. hmm…

Hey Joreg

we thought about changing the Setup from video to static pictures, about 5 per person I am trying to set this up but I will need your help. Imagine the 4 Beamers and through the pictures (I am thinking of 40 per screen ) create a matrix and through black boxes you can display movement or through spinning the pictures around. But we have to get the concept rewritten and then I´ll send you a screen shot of my v4 file.

Greetings Johannes

Next concret question: How do I get first 1 quad, 4 quads 16 etc on 1 screen
Would be very interesting to know


see attached for creating your quad sequence.

static pictures should not be a problem. you could even make a sequence per person of say…10 images and fade from one to the other…
you could then even record those static images with vvvv. see Writer (Textures).

Hey Joreg,

thanx a lot
we might take 5 pictures from each(snapshot type) and then use the five fading is good opportunity. I´ll be in Germany the next week and I try to get a connection but maybe our conversation will have a little break. But thank you we have solved the first problems.



back again I made a file and I thought maybe there are some ways to get it clearer and easier. So if you could have a look over. Would be great. Now i made 4 different types one were one ( 1filestream) is set, than 4 fs, 9, 36(different pictures)…
How does the aspect ratio exactly work and how do I get an increasing frequency of pictures ? first pic 6 sec 2nd 5.5 sec 3rd 5sec etc.

Greetings from Bolzano



did you have a look at my simple sample patch 3 posts below? it should teach you how to spread a quad in a way like i understood you wanted. simple connecting 1 (one) filetexture node to the quad and connecting a dirnode to the filetexture will spread you the textures also over the quads…

your patch isn’t using vvvvs spreading possibilities at all. hehe. that makes it a little…clumsy.

based on the patch i provided you should be able to do the same thing with fewer nodes. let me hear if you got a specific problem.

“” simple connecting 1 (one) filetexture node to the quad and connecting a dirnode to the filetexture will spread you the textures also over the quads…""

That is true for one quad and one file but we would like to have 36 differentt files at time x on 36 “quads” I am not sure but I dont see a possibility to get 36 different pics with one filestream. Please excuse my impolite english :-)
We are running a bit out of time at the mom. as we would like to run a test on monday. My laptop is broken so I wasnot able to work for a few days.
Well we would like to have control of each row and columns and each quad. I will post the other patches so it is maybe easiear to understand
I need to get a clear project describtion…


Thanx Johannes


i added a little to the patch so you can see how you can deal with multiple textures on multiple quads.

“I dont see a possibility to get 36 different pics with one filestream”
FileStream (Dshow9) is for playing videos only. static images are loaded via FileTexture (Textures9)

while the FileStream only accepts one filename at its input the FileTexture node accepts any number.

hope that helps. else we meet on monday anyway. right?