Network-Get and SSL

HTTP (Network Get)
says that we need a external library to use SSL and provides a link, but that link is broken, after searching and not finding anything useful except a bunch of pages saying that you need a specific version of the library to be compatible with your app…
So any ideas of which version I should be looking for and where I might find it?

Ok so anyone got a way of pulling pictures and possibly comments from facebook wall without using SSL and network get?
I’m presuming a plugin…

I am having a bunch of cURL examples that can talk with the graph api. it can not pull the pictures right now, but can give you http links to them that can be fetched with http get or cURL.
I am also working on dynamic plugins that can talk to graph api but i am stuck right now on async calling/threading. I may share that wip if you want.
An access_token is needed though (register as fb dev with phone or cc number).

That would be most helpful, and I’m just looking for urls for the pictures anyway :)

here it goes.
the responses come in JSON format,
so bit parsing must be done…
let me know if something does not work…
to read an album´s photos just provide the albumID
and pick photos from the enum… (899.4 kB)

and code that does list photos:

- region usings
using System;
using System.Net;
using System.Text;
using System.ComponentModel.Composition;
using VVVV.PluginInterfaces.V1;
using VVVV.PluginInterfaces.V2;
using VVVV.Utils.VMath;
- endregion usings

namespace VVVV.Nodes
	#region PluginInfo
	[PluginInfo(Name = "ReadFacebookAlbum", Category = "Facebook", Help = "Basic template with one string in/out", Tags = "")](PluginInfo(Name = "ReadFacebookAlbum", Category = "Facebook", Help = "Basic template with one string in/out", Tags = ""))
	#endregion PluginInfo
	public class FacebookReadFacebookAlbumNode : IPluginEvaluate
		#region fields & pins
		[Input("Bang", IsBang=true, IsSingle=true)](Input("Bang", IsBang=true, IsSingle=true))
        ISpread<bool> FBang;
		[Input("AlbumID", IsSingle=true)](Input("AlbumID", IsSingle=true))
		ISpread<string> FAlbumID;
		[Input("Access Token", IsSingle=true)](Input("Access Token", IsSingle=true))
		ISpread<string> FAccessToken;
		ISpread<string> FResponse;
		#endregion fields & pins

		//called when data for any output pin is requested
		public void Evaluate(int SpreadMax)
						if (FBang[0](0)) 
			try {
	string theURL = ("" + FAlbumID[0](0) + "/photos?" + FAccessToken[0](0));	
	WebClient myWebClient = new WebClient();
	byte[]() response = myWebClient.DownloadData(theURL);
	FResponse[0](0) = Encoding.UTF8.GetString(response);
				} catch (Exception error) {FResponse[0](0) = error.Message;}

Hmm, nice workaround with curl, but its still a list of https urls, so still need SSL with network get…
And the plugin code works with an album number I found in the dev bit,
But how do you work out album numbers?
They seem to be
if you inspect the link in FB, and I can’t find any recent documents to find them out…
and STILL need SSL to download the actual pictures!
Thanks though, few steps closer…

hi cat,
i work on a asnyc http request plugin at the moment.
i think it should also work with https.
at the moment it works but it is still not finished. I think your problem is a good test case for me :-) please contact me on skype.

hmm… i am getting normal http links. both from curl and the code. strange…

the image source links i get listed look like this one:*****************___n.jpg

the album IDs are:*.XXXXX.XXXXXXXXXXXXXX&type=3
( THIS** only)

Curl will list you albums when you provide userID and pick albums…

graph url for the code would be:"

oh i got it.
seems you have “secure browsing” turned on
in your account settings - security.
my test account does not have… so i get http and you get https.
when i turn it on the responses come with https too.
but all this is just a protocol thing. the link is the same,
so you can just delete the little “s” and do a http get.

thanks for that tip tgd the s sorted it :)
so much for secure data on Facebook hehe