Network Camera

Is it possible to use Network Cameras as VideoInput in gamma ?
for an outdoor installation / video tracking with some distance from cams to computer IP cams would be great to use.

Not sure what camera you are using, if they support rtsp stream, yes
The VLC node did not pick up the RTSP stream, so I fix it with python

Basicaly vvvv calls a python script, that open a rtsp stream, and puts that video on a spout sender
by using the executor node you can pass the parameters from gamma of the stream url and the spoutName

If this work for you, let me pull up a mwe of this and I post it latter

thanks asdresc4!
i do not yet have the camera.
was trying to find out which cams could work.
would rather go with some used cams.
which model worked for you ?

It depends on your needs
If low latency is not necessary, any security cameras will work out just fine, most of them offer RTSP network output, specially taking the advance of POE , just 1 wire installation and you can do long runs of almost 100m on utp cables.

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do you have any experience with more than one stream ?
i would need max. 4 streams in low resolution (eg. 640x480)
back in the day there where this devices that combined a couple of cameras into one 2x2 or 3x3 grid on one stream…