.NET 4.5 framework support

Support for latest version of framework, not too much to say since there’s nothing which could argue against it :)

Being able to have access to new async I/O is just great (and technically pretty needed for dx11 runtime to evolve in new horizons).

well it’s not running on xp anymore. at least that was the reason for not switching yet.

Hey people, in the print & printer node I used some .net Tasks and it worked nicely, 4.5 would be great to have :-)


i think deprecating xp support is totally legit since its EOL is April 2014.

yeah so not running on xp anymore means it’s ok, no reason not to switch :)

(otherwise can you please reprogram vvvv in assembler so it can run on my megadrive ;)

I also agree with vux. Need .net 4.5 for Sensors API and F# 3 + data viz libs. Can’t understand, who can use XP nowadays and why we need to suffer from this. Looks like IE6 support.

XP ? really ? :)

+4.5… no text …

we’ll certainly do the update to 4.5 at some point, but for now if you need to use 4.5, create a normal plugin (not dynamic) and set target framework version to .net 4.5 - should work.

ok thanks… no text …

see plugins-targeting-.net-4.5